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Akvis Plugins Bundle 2017 For Adobe Photoshop 64 bit only

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Para pengguna photoshop pasti selalu mencari pluggin terbaru untuk aktivitas editing foto agar kualitas hasil editing foto menjadi lebih bagus . Nah pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan membagikan kumpulan pluggin photoshop terlengkap dari Akvis yaitu Akvis Plugins Pack 2017.02 (x64) Full Version . Di dalam Akvis Plugins Bundle 2017 ini ada 23 pluggin yang memiliki berbagai fungsi dan pastinya sangat dibutuhkan untuk membantu mempermudah proses editing foto di photoshop.

Dengan Akvis Plugins Bundle 2017 Kamu dapat melakukan koreksi warna, retouching, menghapus area foto yang rusak, memperbesar dan memperkecil ukuran gambar tanpa harus mengorbankan kualitas dari foto itu sendiri, dan masih banyak lagi lainnya. Disini saya membagikan Akvis All Pluggins 2017 lengkap dengan cracknya, jadi kamu akan mendapatkan pluggin photoshop terbaru ini secara full version.

Akvis Plugins Bundle 2017 For Adobe Photoshop Includes :

  • 4.0 AirBrush the AKVIS – allows you to turn a photo into a drawing in the airbrush technique.
  • ArtWork 9.0 the AKVIS – software to simulate artistic styles. The program includes styles: Oil Painting, Watercolor, Gouache, Comics, Pen & Ink, Linocut, and Pastel.
  • Chameleon 9.0 the AKVIS – allows you to change your appearance, for example, transplanted eyes from one photo to another, put on your skin tattoo or war paint.
  • Charcoal A 2.0 We do the AKVIS – allows you to convert a photo into a drawing made charcoal and chalk.
  • 10.5 Coloriage is the AKVIS – program for coloring black and white photos and replacing colors on color images.
  • The Decorator 4.0 the AKVIS – lets you change the surface of the object. When applying the texture stored volume, terrain, bends, folds, shadows of the original image. With the program Decorator can not only impose a texture, change it, but to load their textures, and simply change the color of the object.
  • The Draw 4.0 the AKVIS – allows you to turn a photo into a pencil sketch. Sketches executed in the program of the present technique copy pattern.
  • Enhancer 15.5 the AKVIS – program for processing photos, designed to improve the detail of the image, the correction of shaded areas and sharpening borders and contrast.
  • 5.5 HDRFactory the AKVIS – program for creating images with high dynamic range.
  • Magnifier 9.0 the AKVIS – software for resizing digital pictures without quality loss.
  • 4.0 MakeUp the AKVIS – a program to fix portrait photos. With it you can transform an ordinary picture into the picture on the cover, to create a “glamorous” image.
  • MultiBrush 9.0 the AKVIS – ideal for photo retouching and drawing pictures, remove unwanted parts and adding new ones.
  • NatureArt 8.0 the AKVIS – allows you to add a photo rain, snow, lightning, sun and clouds, a rainbow, a body of water, ice, fire or create a painting from scratch, for example, “draw” a seascape, get the night starry sky image.
  • Neon 2.5 the AKVIS – designed to create a neon effect on the image.
  • 10.1 the Noise Buster the AKVIS – program to suppress the digital noise in the image.
  • 5.0 oilpaint the AKVIS – program for simulation of oil painting. A special feature of the program is a unique new algorithm for blending strokes, which most authentically reproduce the technique with a brush.
  • The Pastel 3.0 the AKVIS – allows you to convert a photo into a drawing made with pastels.
  • Point 2.0 We do the AKVIS – lets you turn photos into paintings, using one of the most expressive painting techniques – pointillism.
  • 6.5 Refocus the AKVIS – will help correct any smudged, whether portrait, landscape, group shot, zhuhozhestvennoe will apply the blur to get interesting effects.
  • Retoucher 8.1 the AKVIS – software for photo restoration and photo retouching. It is not simply removes scratches, stains, dust and other defects from the surface of the picture she recreates the missing pieces from the neighboring parts of the image.
  • 19.0 Sketch the AKVIS – turns photos into sketches in pencil or charcoal, allows you to create not just black and white pencil sketch, but a color picture, and get the effect of watercolors and pastels.
  • SmartMask 9.0 the AKVIS – effective tool to quickly select an object in the image, you can quickly and accurately cut out part of the picture, for example, to separate the human figure from the background.
  • Watercolor 1.0 the AKVIS – allows you to create amazingly realistic paintings in watercolor technique.

oke , jika kalian tertarik dengan software keren ini maka silahkan langsung download saja softwarenya melalui salah satu link berikut ini dan jangan lupa ikuti petunjuk instalasinya agar software ini dapat kalian miliki secara full version !

DOWNLOAD =>> Akvis Plugins Bundle 2017

Password RAR : www.mufasi.com

  1. matikan internet dan antivirus
  2. extract dengan winrar
  3. buka folder hasil extract tadi
  4. buka folder 'soft'
  5. install plugin yg diinginkan
  6. jangan buka dulu setelah selesai
  7. buka folder patch , klik kanan 'PatchAKVISAll'dan run as admin
  8. arahkan ke direktory C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\AKVIS\
  9. lakukan instalasi seperti biasa
  10. selesai


Akvis Plugins Bundle 2017 For Adobe Photoshop 64 bit only

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